Home Cooking: Yam Dishes- Yam and Beef Casserole

For our home cooking project, we made Yam and Beef Casserole.

*We added the vegetables- carrot and cabbage to the casserole at 10-15minutes before we removed it from the oven to prevent mushy carrot and cabbage.


Yam- 1 tuber (you can use potato)

Beef- Diced



Casserole mix


Sunflower Oil- 2 cooking spoon

Tomatoes plum – optional(I didn’t use it)




Mill Blender

Oven Dish with cover ( I used cast iron oven pot)

Kitchen Foil

Oven- middle layer, 150 degree Celsius.



Step 1: Cut the yam into large cubes or shape and put in a pot with water.

Step 2: Add the beef and grounded chilli.

Step 3: Add the casserole mix and stir properly.


Step 4: Cover with the pot with the kitchen foil to keep an even heat. Cover the pot and foil with the pot cover. Put in the oven to cook in low heat, middle layer, for about 1-hour 30 mins to 2-hours.


Step 5: Wash, scrape and dice the carrot. Add the carrot to the casserole.


Step 6: Wash and shred the cabbage. Add the cabbage to the casserole.


Step 7: Leave for 10 -15 mins more in the oven and then serve piping hot.