Celebrations: Happy World Coconut Day!

Today is world coconut day.

Hope you are enjoying your coconut?

Here are some ways that you can enjoy and celebrate coconut day.

  1. Coconut rice
  2. Coconut Icecream
  3. Desiccated coconut
  4. Coconut milk
  5. Coconut oil
  6. Coconut cream
  7. Coconut spread for bread
  8. Coconut yoghurt
  9. Coconut design
  10. Coconut candy\ caramelized coconut (I do love this when I was young)
  11. Coconut hair cream
  12. Coconut flavour
  13. Coconut chocolate
  14. Take picture of a coconut
  15. Plant a coconut
  16. Just snacking on coconut
  17. Paint a coconut
  18. Coconut mousse
  19. Coconut cheesecake
  20. Coconut cake
  21. Mould a coconut shape
  22. Coconut smoothie
  23. Colour palette from a coconut
  24. Read a book about coconut
  25. Crochet or knit a coconut
  26. Use the shell of coconut to serve a dish
  27. Coconut water
  28. Coconut-infused water
  29. Gift a coconut
  30. Coconut icing or buttercream
  31. Use the fronds(leaves) of a coconut plant
  32. Build coconut shelter/ shack using the fronds.
  33. Weave the fronds of the coconut.
  34. and many more.