Craft News: Nick Roberts goes on ‘apology spree’ after accusing Anne-Marie Hutchinson 

Nick Roberts shares a written post on Facebook of him apologising to Anne-Marie Hutchinson and Charmaine regarding his comments on the card made by Dolly Dimples Design Team member Anne-Marie Hutchinson.

From the screenshot.

Having read a number of comments today following my earlier post, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize for any offence caused by my original post and subsequent comments regarding the card made by Dolly Dimples Design Team member Anne-Marie Hutchinson. I can see that this and the subsequent public discussions have now caused significant offence to both Charmaine and Anne-Marie for which I am truly sorry.

Having been in conversation with both Charmaine and HOCHANDA I was happy that the card and products used had been created innocently and independently. Charmaine very kindly offered to feature some of my products in her show to show the public that it was a misunderstanding and that we had resolved it between ourselves.

However I can see from the numerous comments made that this suggestion was not agreeable to many people and the last thing I want to do is impact on the success of Charmaine’s show or cause any further upset to you all as viewers – with this in mind I do not think it right for my products to feature in her shows and so they have been removed.

I am passionate about what I do and extremely grateful for the opportunity of working with HOCHANDA and I am truly saddened that my actions have damaged reputations that we have all worked so hard to build.