Magazine: Dishes to try, Beautiful landscape to discover, November 2019 issue of the Landscape Magazine creates a scenic display on Newsstands

November 2019 issue of the Landscape Magazine is out.

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LandScape November 2019

In this issue of Landscape:
  • Step into an elegant garden, dotted with pools of fiery autumn colour, which blends seamlessly with the beautiful Vale of Evesham
  • Begin preparations for the festive season by making gifts such as jars of preserves and a charming knitted tea cosy
  • Picturesque South Devon is a joy to visit in November with colourful streets and a bustling harbor
  • Discover succulent pork dishes to cook, perfect for your cosy autumn evenings
  • We take a look at how wild animals prepare for harsher months ahead and adapt for survival
  • Find out how to build a simple log store ready for burning in the hearth on cold late autumn nights