Magazine: Masters of Black and White(Mono), Topics to expect,  November 2019 issue of Practical Photography magazine soon to be captured on newsstands

November 2019 issue of the Practical Photography magazine will be on newsstand soon.

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Your issue of Practical Photography magazine is on the way

The mono-tastic November issue of Practical Photography is here! Brace yourself for all this and much more…

Free gifts
Download Corel AfterShot 3 RAW editing software worth £55, go mono with 25 custom black & white actions for Photoshop CC, watch over 70 minutes of mono editing tutorials, and much more!

Masters of black & white
Take a more tonal look at landscapes, portraits, wildlife, street and fine art with insight and advice from five of the UK’s top mono experts.

What to shoot after dark
Discover a whole new world of creativity with three fun projects that capture limited light to great effect, from light trails to film noir and flash.

Personal project
Iain Mclean has spent the last two decades documenting the trials and tribulations of Albion Rovers FC. Take a look at this incredible social documentary.

Know your stuff
Camera bags, day rates, lens fungus and f/stops are just some of the subjects covered in this month’s fact-filled Q&A section.

Camera School
The penultimate module of our free camera skills course looks at creative framing and how you can use windows and doors to add extra depth to your images. If you haven’t signed up yet, take a look here.

The edit
Combine fast and slow for unique action images, alter mood with three quick and easy toning effects, and create amazing black & white images with Photoshop’s new Calculations function.

Get into gear
Fuji redefines medium-format with its GFX100, Canon sets the vlogging world alight with its new compacts, and we shortlist the nine sharpest lenses for all formats for just £99.

We hope you enjoy the issue,

PP editorial team.

If you subscribe to the digital edition, your issue will be in the app and available to download on Thursday 26th September.