Millinery: Having gentle sloping sides and shallow domed top, CB217 – Crown Block becomes September 2019 hatblock on offer

How2hats CB217 – Crown Block is the hatblock on offer for the month of September 2019.

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CB217 – Crown Block
Every month we offer a discount on one of our popular designs and this month it is the crown block CB217. This crown block has gently sloping sides and a shallow domed top.
The hat pictured below is by Nuriel Molcho of  Nomade Moderne and you can use a brim plate with brim legs to create the flat brim.
The crown and brim are blocked in one piece with a capeline. We will extend the offer to include a discount on the brim plate and legs and a set of brim cutting wheels should you wish to add these to this promotion order.
To see pictures of the actual block then click on this link.
A brim plate is very useful for ironing flat brims whilst simultaneously creating a very neat and sharp corner between crown and brim. The blocked crown is pushed through the brim plate and then the brim felt can be ironed flat or pressed with a suitable board on top. Brims plates generally need to be 3/4 inch bigger than the crown.
The brim legs mean that the brim is supported off your work surface leaving enough room for the blocked crown to be pushed through to the desired height. This is a very effective and quick way to work leaving you less sewing to do later.
Brim Cutting Wheels are our version of a brim cutter which is used for neatly cutting a flat felt brim to width. The set includes 17 wheels allowing you to cut widths from 1 to 5 inches in 1/4 inch increments. For best results work on a cutting mat or board. The wheel is laid on the felt with its edge against the base of the crown, the small central wheel is placed in the centre, and a scalpel (not included) is inserted in the slot and pressed down into the cutting mat or board. Keeping a little pressure against the side of the crown, the crown is rotated once to cut the felt off to width.
For the month of September, you can enjoy 15% off the price, making this block just £100.30 if you live in the UK or inside the European Union or only £83.58 if you live elsewhere in the world.
As mentioned above we’ll also extend 15% off a brim plate, brim legs and brim cutting wheels if you wish to add to the order!

To take us up on this fab offer, leave a message for Owen or Jen today on +44 (0)1380 859756 or hit reply and send an email to and when we’re back in we can get yours on the workbench for you. 

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