Reminisce of a Crafter: The Craft Designer – #TheArtistDiedOfExposure

Season 1, Episode 10:

Nevaeh writes about her experience of meeting an artist in a hairdressing salon. The verse and chorus of the song are included.

I needed to visit a beauty salon for a little pampering because my hair needs styling.

Covering my hair with a hair scarf, I dressed in a pair of denim jeans trousers and a t-shirt. I took my hair kit and then strolled down to the beauty salon.

I walked by a craft shop, I saw some nice product samples on the display windows. I was tempted to go in but I overcame that temptation.

I enjoyed the nice scenery. I took time to look at the clouds, noticing the timing distance between aeroplanes flying over me, children swinging and riding bikes in a park close by, an ice cream van selling ice cream and the lovely breeze to cool the day.

I walked by the florist and really admired him arranging the bouquet, one flower at a time.

Two shops more and I will be in the beauty salon. I saw an artist painting the portrait of a lady. She told the artist to add an extra-large ruby necklace because she wanted to torture her husband’s new wife after she dies. I smiled as I overheard her.

I got to the beauty salon and I was directed to wash my hair. I gave the stylist my hair kit. As he started washing my hair, a man came in and all the stylists exchanged pleasantries with him.

Do you see these jokers? he asked in a stern tone.

My stylist looked around him to see who Mr Miller(got to know his name later on) meant.

I can’t see any jokers, where are they the other stylist who was cleaning hairbrushes and combs answered.

Oh! I can’t see them, another stylist said.

Hmmm! I received an email to design something and guess what, I am being promised exposure instead of monetary payment. No one wants to pay for service anymore. Exposure here and there. Exposure does not pay the bills!

As everyone chips in a comment against and in support, I remained silent. I listened attentively as I was later told by Mr Miller that I should be in the association of comment readers on social media.

The other stylist started drumming with the hairbrush and another used a hairbrush as a microphone and started singing.

Verse 1:

I tried to pay my bills with exposure…

I was turned down at the bank.

Everyone is offering me exposure

No one wants to pay the artist.

They boast of millions in their empire

They want me to work for free……


And the artist died of exposure

So much exposure

Excess exposure

Don’t you know …..

That the artist died of exposure

Verse 2:

I took exposure to your company

It couldn’t get me free goods for the samples you want me to make.

You give countless competitions, and deadlines for me to abide by

Yet you can’t pay me at all…

I demand worth for myself and my fellow designers.

Exposure and monetary payments are the new deal.