Gardening: Planting Tulips Bulbs to Achieve Spring Bulbs’ Blooms

As the days are getting colder, I am preparing tulips bulbs to plant to achieve Spring Bulb blooms or blossoms in the spring season.

Planting has taught me how to plan ahead to achieve a required goal at a particular or set time.

Planting has also taught me how to nurture, be patience and expect.

I look forward to the tulips bulbs sprouting and producing lovely blossoms.

The tulips bulbs that I am planting include;

  • Tulipa Alibi (purple tulip)
  • Tulipa Apricot Foxx
  • Tulipa Hemisphere
  • Tulip Purissima
  • Double Tulips Mount Tacoma
  • Tulipa Orange Lion
  • Tulipa Van Eijk