New Month: Acknowledging documentation, information, creativity and product inventions, We welcome you to the month of October in the year 2019

Happy New Month!

The leaves are falling from the trees but some trees are in full splendour to display their place in this golden season.

This month, we are celebrating documentation, information, creativity and product inventions.

Our theme for this month is “Loud the Celebrations with Influencers, Authors and Manufacturers”.

Anino has done some screen recording for the upcoming I-cord Treasure series. She needs to add the video of practical\ demonstration to the designing process video and we will start uploading into ANINO TV YouTube.

We hope you are enjoying Anino’s 12 crafts of cardmaking series. We still have four more for the photographic card but we have decided to add combinations of techniques so that you can see how different techniques of photographic cards are combined to make outstanding photographic greeting cards. That means we have some episodes more to complete series 1. Series 1 will now be more than 12 episodes.

Anino will soon launch her new fabric collection “Songs from my heart” for 2020 Valentine.

Don’t forget to take pictures, play with piles of fallen leaves, dance in the rain (you can make your desired rainfall dance and song).

We have a video (designing in Inkscape and Designaknit and then machine knitting the blanket) on Anino TV Youtube, if you desire to knit some patchwork blankets before winter arrives so that your bedsheets are not cold when you want to sleep.

Enjoy this season to the fullest.

Stay safe, be blessed and be a blessing.

Welcome to October in the year 2019.