Craft Offline with Design Space® for Desktop, Cricut Design Space for Desktop Is Now Available! ?– Cricut

According to Cricut, customers can now craft offline with Design Space® for desktop.


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Design Space for Desktop Is Now Available! ?

We’ll soon be saying goodbye to Design Space for Web, so there’s no better time to download the Design Space for desktop to your Windows or Mac computer. Nearly half a million Cricut members already have!

Here are 5 reasons why we love it:

1. You can design and cut offline.

No internet connection is no problem with Design Space for Desktop. Even if your internet goes down, your projects will stay up.


2. You can download images & fonts.

Save your favorites for offline use so they’re always at the ready, even if you’re in the air!


3. Search is better than ever.

With optimized image search, you’ll be able to easily find the perfect images out of the 100,000+ possibilities in Design Space.


4. Updates will be automatic.

Plug-ins are a thing of the past. New features or fixes get rolled out directly to the desktop app so you’ll always have the latest and greatest.


5. Your making gets multiplied.

The desktop app lets you open multiple project windows at once so you can work on several projects simultaneously.