Craft TV: Did the metal shim strike Crafter’s Companion’s craft demonstrator little finger in the Gemini foil press show at 8:19 pm, 20th February 2020?

During the Gemini Foil Press Craft show at 8pm, 20th February 2020 on Create and Craft TV, the craft demonstrator for crafter’s companion has no plaster on her little finger before the advert started.

After 42:19( 42 minutes, 19 seconds) into the show, there was an advertisement and the craft demonstrator has an indigo blue plaster on her little finger.

Did the metal shim which is known for its potential sharpness cut the craft demonstrator’s finger?

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  1. No other craft brands metal shim appear to have safety issues. Just Dragons Den Sara Davies Crafter Companion !!!

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