Me & My Home Cooking: Hotpot Jollof Rice

This week on me and my home cooking, we are making a Hotpot Jollof Rice.

For 6-8 people.


Sunflower oil

Easy cook rice

Chicken portions

Tomatoes plum x 1 can


Scotch bonnet

Tomatoes puree

Curry powder

Seasoning cubes- Maggi

Kitchen foil



Garden peas




Boiled eggs

Step 1: Put the fresh chicken portions in the oven and dry at 200 degree Celsius for three hours. Leave to cool and shred from the bones.

Step 2: Put the canned tomatoes plum and scotch bonnet in a blender and grind until smooth. If you want softer rice, use two cans of the tomatoes plum.

Step 3: Wash the can of the tinned tomatoes plum and use it to measure the rice.

Measure three cups of the easy cook rice into a bowl.

Step 4: Wash the rice and drain the water. Put the rice in the pot.

Step 5: Add the grounded tomatoes to the rice in the pot.

Step 6: Add the tomatoes puree.

Step 7: Crush the seasoning cubes. Add the curry and crushed seasoning cubes.

Step 8: Add the shredded chicken.

Step 9: Add two cooking spoon of the sunflower oil and then stir the mixture together.

Step 10: Cover the pot with the foil and then place the pot cover over the foil to secure the foil.

Do not let the foil touch the burner or cooker. Cook the food in moderate heat. Stir occasionally. The heat will cook the food. The food is ready when the grains are soft.

Step 11: Wash and shred the vegetables for the salad. Preheat the corn and peas if they are from frozen.

Step 12: Enjoy your meal.


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