National & International Celebrations from 22nd – 29th February 2020

Here are some celebrations from 14th to 22nd of February 2020.

22nd February 2020: Walking the Dog Day

22nd February 2020: Real Bread Week 2020

22nd February 2020: World Thinking Day 2020

22nd February 2020: Be Humble Day

22nd February 2020: National Cook a Sweet Potato Day

22nd February 2020: National Margarita Day

22nd February 2020: World Encephalitis Day 2020

23rd February 2020: Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

23rd February 2020: National Tile Day

23rd February 2020: National Banana Bread Day

24th February 2020: National Tortilla Chip Day

24th February 2020: World Bartender Day

25th February 2020: Spay Day USA

25th February 2020: Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday

25th February 2020: Carnival Tuesday

25th February 2020: National Chocolate Covered Nut Day

25th February 2020: National Clam Chowder Day

25th February 2020: Mardi Gras Day

25th February 2020: Fat Tuesday

26th February 2020: Ash Wednesday

26th February 2020: National Pistachio Day

26th February 2020: National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

27th February 2020: National Strawberry Day

27th February 2020: No Brainer Day

27th February 2020: Share a Million Stories

27th February 2020:National Retro Day

27th February 2020: National Toast Day

27th February 2020: Anosmia Awareness Day

27th February 2020: International Polar Bear Day

28th February 2020: National Tartar Sauce Day

28th February 2020: Floral Design Day

28th February 2020: Skip the Straw Day

28th February 2020: National Chocolate Soufflé Day

28th February 2020: Public Sleeping Day

29th February 2020: Open That Bottle Night

29th February 2020: Leap Day

29th February 2020: Rare Disease Day