Phased Out & Phasing Out: Things that existed in crafts and are no longer there or in trend- Number 1- Embossing Boards

We are starting a new section of things that existed in crafts that you thought you could not do without and they are now phasing out or have been phased out.

Impulse buying has left many to regret buying things that they never used and have depreciated in value or not used again.

If you notice in the creative or crafting community, knowledge has increased greatly and knowledge will keep on increasing.

Somethings that existed in Crafts and are no longer there or in trend because everyday or every year new products are being developed and launched.


Number 1 is the Embossing Boards.

Only a few people or crafters can remember these. They were hot in trend from 2005 or thereby to 2013 before the domestic die-cutting\ embossing machine came into full force and many moved towards the die-cutting machine.

Keepsake embossing boards were the main brand while others came to have a piece of the cake as the boards became popular. Craft magazines were not left out as they offer them as gifts on their magazines.

These boards contain grooves when traced with an embossing ball tool gives one the design on it.

These boards did serve their purpose.

Some crafters still have these embossing boards and some are still using theirs.



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