Phased Out & Phasing Out: Things that existed in crafts and are no longer there or in trend- Number 2- CD-Roms / DVD

We have started a new section of things that existed in crafts that you thought you could not do without and they are now phasing out or have been phased out.

Impulse buying has left many to regret buying things that they never used and have depreciated in value or not used again.

If you notice in the creative or crafting community, knowledge has increased greatly and knowledge will keep on increasing.

Somethings that existed in Crafts and are no longer there or in trend because everyday or every year new products are being developed and launched.

CD ROM / DVD ROM: DVD drive version of laptops are getting rarer each day. Although one can buy an external DVD drive to attach to his or her laptop. These drives are capable of reading DVDs and cd-ROMs.

Due to laptop with inbuilt DVD drive becoming rare, it looks as if laptop manufacturers are phasing out the DVD drive version.

Some magazines which offer CD-ROMs are also phasing out the CDROMs and offering download link or USB to digital content.

Practical Photography magazine recently phased out the CD-ROM included in each issue its magazine.