Retailer enjoys sell-out of make-up brushes as crafters place massive orders on make-up brushes @£4.99 on Amazon UK over £69.99 on a Craft TV

A retailer on Amazon UK had a sell-out on its make-up brushes after crafters found out that instead of £69.99 as marketed by a craft tv shopping channel, it costs £4.99 with free next day delivery at the retailer’s shop.

The seller on Amazon UK didn’t know what happened as he\ she will be wondering why these massive orders and sell-out in a day.

Thanks to crafters who provided the links to Amazon UK, Poundshop and other retailers.

These make-up brushes which are used by make-up artists are good as blending brushes for paint, chalk and more in different art and crafts techniques including stencilling.

Some crafters received their orders the next day.

If you desire the stand, here is a Link 1:

Make-up brushes stand Link 2:

Link to brushes at £5.66:

Photo Credit: Faye


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