Safety First & U Turn! Customer returns recently launched Crafter’s Companion Metallic Gemini due to alleged fire hazard and metallic paint chipping

According to a customer who bought the recently launched Crafters Companion Metallic Gemini that was sold on HSN USA, the chipped paint of the metallic Gemini can cause overhead and fire, that is after the customer stated that there have been reports of the metallic paint chipping and peeling off around the opening of the machine.

The customer posted in HSN community forum.

Although the post or URL has been made invisible by HSN. One can still see the post in Google Cache.

From the Screenshot.


Many people have reported that the metallic paint is chipping and peeling off around the opening of the machine where the plates are inserted. This results in pushing the paint compound into the machine. Worst case it could cause overhead and a fire. I am returning mine ASAP and expect a full refund. Including shipping.


I’m sorry to see this… I went ahead and took care of your EZ return label. You will not be charged for the postage.

I want to let you know that this was a special edition Gemini only sold at HSN. there are no reviews on it yet, as customers are just receiving their orders.



  1. Oh my I hadnt given the fire risk a thought , I put tape on mine to re use when flipping between dies , I wonder if this would pull off the crappy coating

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