Theme- February 2020: The Talks and The Demarcation

Our theme for this month of February 2020 is the talks and the demarcation.

In achieving our goodly fantasy goals and bringing our castle in the air into reality, you will hear different talks.

There are different types of talk and you have to learn to differentiate them.

These talks include;








*Constructive Criticism



*And many more

You have to learn to review speeches and demarcate them if not the lines between the talks will become blurry and the flattering, perverse and hypocrisy speeches will seem like truth while the truthful speeches will seem like hate speech.

For example, some people will protect a religious leader who rapes or scam the congregation by collecting their hard earn money using the name of God while they place curse and judgement on a person who reveals the evil, dares to speak the truth or who has committed the same act as the religious leader.

Some will protect a person who lies to them on TV while they attack a customer who reveals that the product has potential harm or has harmed him or her.

It is difficult to discern perverse lips. A perverse lip will give an excuse for every evil action and justify it. A perverse or flattering lip leads one to doom.

Some will see evil and call it good and then curse whoever tries to point out this evil.

In critiquing, try to communicate. Don’t conclude your answer without trying to understand.

The talks may be loud or whisper.

Remember, you have to demarcate the talks to take action.