Coming Soon! New Video Book: The Versatility of A Digital Image in Various Crafts (Video Edition) by Anino Ogunjobi

I have decided to make one of my books which I have been working on in Video Edition because many projects in the book require video tutorial/demonstration for clarity and also to ease the pages that will be printed.

This video edition will enable you to see the designing process and also practice the projects while complementing your designs.

This book takes a look at the tools needed, techniques and uses of a digital image in 15 or more crafts( hand-knitting, crocheting, machine knitting, cross-stitch, fabric designing, home décor, sewing, quilting, embroidery, confectionary, sugarcrafting, cooking, digital craft, cardmaking, parchment craft, favour making, beading, millinery and more).

The video tutorials will be available on AninoTV YouTube.

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