Reminisce of a Crafter: The LockDown Effect #StayHome #StaySafe

Jenny speaks on the effect of the lockdown on her.

As the Covid-19 pandemic ravages the world and human beings take cover in the safety of their homes, my life changed from the outdoor type to the indoor type.

Two months plus some weeks now, we have been on lockdown and I am kind of grateful for the rest and change that I am experiencing.

I have taken the time to deep clean my home, painted some areas of the house and most of all my craft room is in appreciative mode.

I have now simplified my life and everything around me. Things have changed for me and I am ready to change with it.

My crafting life has changed drastically.

I am appalled at the die-cutting machines that I have. I only need two so I boxed the others to send to charity.

Taking a look at the crafting dies… oh my world! What is wrong with me? There are some that haven’t been opened for four years since I bought them. Let’s not talk about the ones that I duplicate because you will be angry at me.

Should we talk about the craft books that I bought? Hmmm!

The CD-Roms and DVD-Roms are other sectors that I have spent heavily on after die-cutting.

Craft Magazines… shaking my head. I just flip through them, no time to do the projects. Oh! I am a hoarder of craft magazines. I have a subscription running on almost all craft magazines.

I have started making things with the items that I have in my craft room.

If we have to talk about my fabric stock or sewing goods, you have to refer me to a Psychiatric Doctor.

Beading stock can be discussed because I just do a little beading.

Taking a look at my marker pens, They have dried up. I discovered that some were leaking. I spent a lot on these marker pens. I bundled the expensive marker pens that I bought which have dried up and put them in a disposable bag. I have finally found the courage to dispose of them. I included the other markers which were leaking in the disposable bag.

The charity shops will be receiving a lot of boxes filled with craft goodies.

The hype of I need this and I need that has worn away drastically. I am no longer tempted.

I am being thorough with this cleaning-up and no sentiment is attached to anything.

Taking a look at my craft and craft room home during this lockdown, I can say well, well well, I did great.

The most amazing thing of all is that I don’t need to spend or buy expensive craft things before I make an artwork.

My account is beaming with a large smile.

Everyday since the lockdown, I have been working tirelessly to make my craft room neater and craft goods useable. My family couldn’t believe it when I called them into my craft room to see for themselves. The room is so neat. Fewer craft goods and I am using the few items that I have left.

I heard one of my children telling the others, Have you seen mommy’s craft room? Go look at it, Mommy is starting all over again, it is so neat and almost all her stuff is gone, you will think it’s someone’s room in our house, but most of all the craft room is safe”.

I smiled within myself and the smile was so contagious that I broke into a burst of laughter.