Types of Crafters During Covid-19: Number 3– The Guilt-Tripping Crafters

These set of crafters play the victims when their lies surfaces. They do things for clouts.

If you oppose their flattering truth(which indeed are sleek lies) they will make a video, cry in the video and then tell other crafters to show support that they are being attacked.

They sugar-coat their lies. It takes a truly discerning heart to reveal the intention of these crafters.

These sets of crafters are professional emotional blackmailers.

Their supporters cannot defend anything with fact. Their supporters defend with insults and threats.

If you listen to them, you will end up with a flattering lip and perverse tongue.

They block anyone who they feel threatened by(they make a post for clouts and when their lies are exposed or hypocrisy, they block people and make videos crying).

They post pictures of themselves social distancing and supporting KEY WORKERS but profiteers in the pandemic and do not practise what they preach.

They are always on”be kind” while indeed they attack anyone who questions them.

When a family member or friend of theirs falls ill or is affected by the coronavirus, they come to social media to seek sympathy from the same crafters who they have attacked for reminding them to adhere to the laws of social distancing.

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