Types of Crafters During Covid-19: Number 4– The Partying Crafters

These crafters are grooving this pandemic as if nothing is happening. The vibes of these crafters are high.

They are popping champagne or wine everyday and find a reason to party at home.

Although the lockdown has affected these crafters by making them reduce their outdoor partying life, they still find the reason to party indoors.

These set of crafters are enjoying the lockdown. They drink and eat as they read comments on social media.

They find reasons to celebrate their eating,  drinking while they get their groove on indoors.

They have been flipping from TV channels to blogs to websites to keep themselves entertained.

No dull moment with these crafters. They create enjoyment and find fun in every situation that they are in.

They are creative. They can dress-up and imagine they are in another world and many more.

They are enjoying the lockdown more than everyone.

The slogan of these crafters in the lockdown is “If we can’t go out, then we will create the outdoor, indoors(we will bring the outdoors, indoors) and have fun unlimited.

These ones have shopped for groceries, they stock-up their groceries before they run out of stock.

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