Daily Art Exercise: Day 32- Watercoloured Blooms in Vase

For my art exercise today, I decided to paint watercolour floral following the Zinnias and leaves in vase tutorial (FolkArt One Stroke Wreath) by Donna Dewberry on Plaid Crafts Facebook page #LetsPaintChallenge.

Here is a digital painting that I did for my daily painting exercise.

This painting has been created digitally.

I made the painting in Clip Studio Paint graphics software using a graphics tablet and its stylus, colours, the selection tool, watercolour brush and pen tool.

Link to Let’s Paint quarterly round-up with Donna Dewberry and Plaid Crafts(Plaid Enterprise) on Facebook.

LIVE Quarterly Round up – FolkArt One Stroke Wreath

Join Donna Dewberry as she customizes a square wreath featuring beautiful zinnias, daisies and tulips from our last quarter of lessons in April, May and June.Be sure to post Let's Paint with Plaid group and tag it #letspaintchallenge!

Posted by Plaid Crafts on Thursday, June 18, 2020