Zuri Designs Inc publishes a statement after Dennis Williams’ trending video hits the web

Here is a statement by  Zuri Designs Inc on its Facebook page after it saw Dennis Williams’ trending video.

From the screenshot.

Public announcement:

It has come to our attention that Denise Williams, owner of UK business I Love Mixed Media, as well as some of her followers have made untruthful comments about our business practices. They claimed that Zuri Designs Inc has refused to supply wholesale in the UK at the request of Hochanda LTD. Denise Williams has named our company multiple times in her claim that we have caved in to Hochanda’s request. This assertion couldn’t be farther from the truth. At Zuri Designs Inc, we make our own decisions as to who are our business partners, and we do not let anyone dictate the terms and conditions of our trade or any other business-related matter. As we have explained previously, the factor that drove our decision to sell exclusively through Hochanda LTD was the high MOQ requirements (minimum order quantities) from our manufacturer, as a result of which we cannot fulfill small wholesale orders outside the USA. Accordingly, Hochanda and/or their employees played no role in our decision. Our experience with Hochanda has been nothing short of exceptional at every step, and we commend their professionalism and dedication to helping and promoting small businesses. We believe that any criticism of Hochanda’s approach to small business is unfounded and unfair. We started as a small business ourselves and have consistently received support and encouragement from the Hochanda team.

We are sorry that Denise Williams believes she has been treated unfairly. We have no doubt that she is a hard-working small business owner, but we strongly disagree with her decision to accuse us and Hochanda of improper actions. As a matter of fact, Denise Williams has previously made statements with the effect of implying improper actions on our part, when she publicly posted portions of our email correspondence without our knowledge and consent. Those emails merely stated the same thing, namely that we cannot fulfill small wholesale orders due to high MOQ requirements. In spite of that, Denise Williams went on to continue to assert that we had a hidden motive. We do not appreciate such manipulation and we request that Denise Williams ceases such deceitful actions immediately.

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