Crafters Dictionary: Chocolate

Our featured post from Crafters Dictionary is Chocolate.

Chocolate is food in the form of paste or block which is derived from roasted and grounded cocoa( cacao) seeds or beans. Chocolate can be sweetened and then eaten as confectionery.

There are different types of chocolate.

White Chocolate

White chocolate contains only cocoa butter which makes it creamy. White chocolate contains no cocoa solids.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate contains milk solids, cocoa solids and sugar. Milk chocolate is sweeter than dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains more than fifty to sixty percent cocoa solids. Dark chocolate has more flavour.

Baker’s Chocolate

This chocolate contains no cocoa butter. Its cocoa butter has been removed and replaced with vegetable fat. Baker’s chocolate does not need to be heated or tempered.


Couverture contains more cocoa butter which makes it great for chocolate making.

Couverture is available in white, milk and dark forms. Couverture is sold as blocks, buttons or chips. Couverture is usually sized uniformly to melt evenly.

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