Entry period, July 1 (Wed) ~ August 2 (Sun) 10:00 JST / 01:00 UTC, Clip Studio Paint July 2020 Tutorial themes commence

Clip Studio Paint announces its July 2020 tutorial themes.

Read the press release.

Post your tutorial on our theme of the month and share your art knowledge with Clip Studio Paint users all over the world! Each month, we’ll select the best tutorials for the month’s themes!

This month’s themes

Entry period

July 1 (Wed) ~ August 2 (Sun) 10:00 JST / 01:00 UTC

Theme 1

Techniques for Using Rulers & Special Rulers#RulerTool

Please show us how you can use the Clip Studio Paint rulers to design or create comics. For example, how to use the line and curve rulers to draw figures or small objects or how special rulers to create effects.

Theme 2

Transparent Art#TransparentArt

Show how to create transparency in art through transparent objects or materials such as water, glass, or plastic. You can also explain processes that use layers and filters to reflect and refract light!

Theme 3

Fantasy Races#FantasyRaces

Let your creativity for fantasy and mythical races run wild! Share your favorite features of Clip Studio Paint that you use to bring angles, demos, orcs, elves, and more to life!

Total rewards worth US$10,000 each month!

Each month, we’ll select the best tutorials from chosen themes on Clip Studio Tips across a range of genres, giving out up to $US10,000 worth of rewards! Why not create your own tutorial to share your tips and teach other creators about Clip Studio Paint?

We will announce the winners on the tenth of the following month.

Video Award: US$900 per person (up to 10 people)
Gold Award: US$700 per person (up to 4 people)
Silver Award: US$300 per person (up to 10 people)
Bronze award: 3,000 GOLD per person (up to 30 people)

  • Notes:
  • – TIPS posted with a YouTube video will be eligible for the Video Award as well as the Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards.
  • – Winnings will be transferred to a PayPal or bank account. Transfer fees will be paid by Celsys, but fees for obtaining the winning sum will be paid by the winner.

How to apply

To enter this contest, simply post your tutorial to Clip Studio Tips with the tag MonthlyTIPS202007 and one theme tag (RulerTool, Transparent Art, FantasyRaces).
When posting with a YouTube video, include the hashtag (#ClipStudioTips2020) and the Clip Studio TIPS URL (https://tips.clip-studio.com/) in the YouTube video’s information section. Please ensure that embedded YouTube videos are set to “Public.” Videos set to “Unlisted” are not eligible.

Tutorials that do not follow the posting guidelines (such as tutorials containing copyrighted content or characters) cannot be considered for awards. Publish early to increase your view count and likes! We advise you to publish your entries as soon as possible, as the number of views and likes will influence selection.

Entry requirements

  • To be eligible, please create an illustrated tutorial along one of the monthly themes in Clip Studio Paint.
  • Tutorials that are newly posted during the submission period will be eligible. Tips that have already been posted cannot be accepted for the monthly contest.
  • The minimum word count is 200 words. (Minimum 200 words in English, French, Spanish, and German; 500 characters in Japanese and Korean; 400 characters in Traditional Chinese)
  • Please include at least 2 screenshots or images, progress shots, or screen captures so that your tutorial is easy for beginners to understand. (Please refrain from adding text to your images, as it will not be translated.) You can also use videos or gifs.
  • The first image appearing in your tutorial becomes the default thumbnail. We recommend choosing something appealing that will catch the viewer’s eye.
  • If you participate with a Youtube video, please present the theme you chose at the beginning of the video.
    Videos are recommended to be 5 minutes or more. Add narration, background music, and subtitles to make the content easier to understand. In the TIPS article, include the image that will be used as a thumbnail at the top of the text, text and images explaining the content of the video (at least 200 words, not including author profile text) and the Youtube video URL.

Link: https://www.clipstudio.net/content/tips/en/

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