Happy Book Birthday! Hair Accessories in Various Crafts by Anino Ogunjobi

My book, Hair Accessories in Various Crafts is one year old. As a tradition(book’s birthday), AuthorHouse UK has asked me to snap a picture while holding a copy of the book.

Thank you, @AuthorHouseUK for making my literary goal come true.

From the screenshot

It’s your book’s first anniversary!

A year ago, you published your bookAnd while it is indeed your book’s first anniversary, the one we’re really celebrating is you.

How has it been? We hope you’re enjoying the experience as much as we have enjoyed helping you achieve your literary goals.

Share a picture of you and your book on social media with the hashtag #BookBirthdaySelfie and tell us what the best part of your experience as an author is. Don’t forget to tag us!