In agreement with Other Crafters who commented, Crafter takes the step to request Create & Craft TV to go back to the hourly show while questioning the expensive bundles sold on the channel as people are on furlough

According to a visitor’s post on Create & Craft Facebook page. A crafter in agreement with other crafters who commented want Create and Craft to go back to the hourly show and consider the price of goods since they are getting expensive this period.

From the screenshot.

C&c you need to go back to hourly shows we are not getting to see enough demos by the time the presenter yes gone through everything 15mins could be gone now only leaves 30 mins then of course the presenter starts up again just watching Lisa Horton yesterday she had hardly any time to craft.

And why do we have Ideal World on craft extra it’s supposed to be for craft.

And all this time with people on furlough why are these bundles coming out so expensive! Becoming despondent viewer!

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