New Month: While Our Belief in Our Goals Are in Trial, We Welcome You to July 2020

Happy New Month!

Welcome to the seventh month of the year.

We hope you had an interesting time in June 2020.

Our theme for this month of July is “the trial and the belief”. Different beliefs can affect our goals- Religious beliefs, societal, economical, our fears, faith and many more. We will talk more on it in a later post.

Crafters Dictionary daily feature will continue.

In regards to Crafters TV- talk show, I am preparing for the first episode.

Part 1- designing section of episode 1 of 12 Crafts of Machine Knitting will be up within the month.

The video for the technique of Pixelating in the book “The Versatility of A Digital Image in Various Crafts” will be available this month. Anino demonstrated how to pixelate an image with the desired measurement for quilting, crocheting, beading, machine knitting, hand knitting projects and more.

Hopefully, we will be rounding Series 2 of 12 Crafts of Cardmaking, the technique of stencilling. We have already shot the video for episode 10, 11 and 12. We need to shoot the video for the combination of stencil uses.

There are other projects and inspiration set for this month. they will unfold as time goes on…

We hope to keep you inspired and creative this month.

We pray that this month is kind to you.

Have a blessed and fulfilled month.

Once again, happy new month and welcome to July 2020.