‘The accusations about the Facebook group removing a card relating to BLM or silencing black artists is also false’ Tim Holtz replies after a Youtube open letter to him trends in the crafting community

Here is the reply from Tim Holtz in regards to the trending open letter YouTube video to him (see the screenshot and video below).

From the screenshot

Those of you who know us know this could never be true, but for those that don’t I ask you please take a moment before you pass judgement…tim

I wanted to publicly address a recent video attacking myself, Mario, Zoe and the brands I work with. The false accusation of racism and bullying has struck me to my core. I’ve been in this industry for over 15 years and am outraged by such malicious behaviour.

I have never for once been contacted by her directly to discuss the false racists claims, my support of Black Lives Matter, or to verify the doctored screenshots she posted. Instead she decided to post harassing statements on her social media and now on Youtube filled with lies about me. I’ve come to learn she appears to thrive on this bully mentality as hse ‘s targeted many other in this community.

The accusations about the Facebook group removing a card relating to BLM or silencing black artists is also false. The person who made the card and posted it in the group, also chose to remove it herself. This was not a group action by the admin team in any way. The card maker contacted her directly to let her know this yet she refused to accept the truth from the actual source, but rather continue to post accusations on social media.

The importance of Black Lives Matter is a call to action to anti-racism, to show solidarity and support, not to be used as a tactic to make up toxic claims to tear others down. I will continue my efforts to support Black Lives Matter, to amplify black voices and impact change. I do not encourage hate directed towards others, and am sorry to anyone who has been hurt by these untrue allegations.- Tim

About the video.

Tim, Mario, and Zoe: you all know how to reach me. I hope this has all been a giant misunderstanding.
Edited description to add: Please be careful in the comments here. If you’re BIPOC please protect your energy and your emotions, you don’t need to fight this fight – I can do it for you. (And many others have joined me.)



  1. Zoe and Mario didn’t remove the George Floyd artwork of the artist. However, they did remove and block people that defended her artwork when other posters started telling her not to post art that was political. The posters saying the artist work was political were not removed. The original artist ended up removing her work because of the controversy and still supports Tim.

  2. There is no place in the crafting community for political or social activism. It has tainted the knitting community beyond repair and people’s livelihoods have been affected because their political leanings are not tolerated by a “tolerant” community. There is a time and a place for everything, and those in the creative arena should understand and respect that protocol.

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