Craft TV / Crafting TV: Bringing its bag-making skills to Hochanda, Mrs H + Emmaline Bags now a supplier to Hochanda TV 

According to an advert by Hochanda TV,  Mrs H + Emmaline Bags is now a new supplier to Hochanda TV and its craft show is at 11 AM BST, 8th September 2020.
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Mrs H + Emmaline Bags
Tuesday 8th September
Sharing the spotlight in the 11am slot on Tuesday 8th September is Mrs H and Emmaline Bags!
Mrs H are here to show you how to make your very own stylish and modern bags! Samantha Hussey (AKA Mrs H) not only created a catalogue of bag sewing patterns focused around skill building, but she has also become a designer for The Bag of the Month Club, which is a club she runs with Janelle from Emmaline Bags.
Based in Canada, Emmaline Bags are also bringing their fantastic bag-making skills to Hochanda, and we’re thrilled to see what they will be up to on what is sure to be an unmissable show, so tune in at 11am on Tuesday 8th September!