Crafters Dictionary / Craft Dictionary: Plantain

Our featured post from Crafters Dictionary is the plantain.

Also known as cooking banana, this is a tropical fruit with green or yellow skin and shaped like a banana.

Plantain is also known as cooking banana. It is larger than a banana.

When the plantain is ripe its skin changes from green to yellow.

Plantain can be fried, boiled or dried.

The unripe or green plantain can be cut thinly and fried to make crips. The unripe or green plantain can also be boiled. The green or unripe plantain can be dried and then grounded to make plantain flour meal.

The slightly- ripe plantain can be boiled or fried thinly. the thinly sliced plantain makes a sweet plantain crisp.

The ripe plantain can also be diced and then fried.

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