Currently Working On: Beaded Curtain or Beaded Wall Hanging for Video Book- The Versatility of A Digital Image in Various Crafts

I am currently working on a beaded wall hanging or beaded curtain for my video book, The Versatility of a Digital Image in Various Crafts.

The pixelated design that we created in the previous video(Anino TV YouTube) will be used to chart the beaded project. The colours will be altered to match the bicone beads that are shown below.

Materials needed

*Pixelated pattern- printed

*Small hammer

*Eyelet screws-12mm

*Bicone beads-  4/6mm (you can use cylindrical shaped beads to make the curtain larger or alternatively, one grid will equal Seven(7 ) Beads if you want the curtain larger but have smaller beads).

*Crochet cotton- 50g.

*Wood or leather fabric( if you want to use leather fabric you will omit the eyelet screws and use mini eyelet or grommets).

*Beading needle



I got the crochet cotton, beading needles, eyelet screws and bicone beads(1200 qty of each colour)  from ebay.

You can start stringing yours before the video comes out.

As usual the video will be on Anino TV YouTube.