Is this a way of not wanting crafters to return faulty goods!  Crafters left in “unrecoverable and absolute shock’ as Stephanie Weightman allegedly implies crafters to engage in DIY using a fine tooth saw or a standard hacksaw (for metal) to trim the embossing folder recently launched by Tattered Lace which nullifies the warranty/ guaranty on the product

According to a post by Stephanie Weightman on her Facebook page, She stated that she has trimmed the oversized embossing folder using a fine tooth saw and that a standard hacksaw (for metal) can also be used, this has caused a lot of raised eyebrows from crafters as they wonder why they should engage in such practice instead of returning the embossing folder which is not fit for the purpose it was purchase for.

From the screenshot

ive had a few questions about some of the new tattered lace embossing folders not fitting through your machine like the cut n boss.

me and karl were experimenting last night of trimming the folder down- we went through several tools and at different angles to make sure each time no frayed edge was left or the folder wasn’t damaged.

We found that by using a fine tooth saw or A standard hacksaw used for metal will work perfectly for trimming your folder! to get it just right, mark with pencil on the folder how much you need to trim and use a ruler to make a straight line xx

we cut it at an angle to show it doesnt ruin the design or leave a frayed edge xx hope this helps? xx

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