Knitwear Sketch Ideas: Day 1

Here is a knit or crochet sketch idea for your inspiration.

The top is knitting in simple stockinet (you can use a double crochet stitch if you are crocheting).

The top has ruffles which can be created in knitting by knitting a stitch twice or

In crocheting, ruffles can be created by making two stitches into the space of a stitch thereby doubling each stitch.

The skirt can be knitted as an A-line or a straight skirt. The band of the skirt is in a mock rib.

The skirt has cable stitches that can be done in knitting and crocheting. Alternatively, stitch I-cord to it. In machine knitting, you can make Mock English Rib to create this effect if you don’t want to make cables.

Decide on fastening to use for the skirt- zip is preferable.