Millinery: Featuring a sample hat by Atelier Millinery, How2Hats \ Hatblocks ‘caps’ CB244 as the hat block on offer for September 2020

CB244 is that hat-block for the month on Hatblocks.

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Every month we offer a discount on one of our popular designs, and this month it is the rather cool cap block CB244.
Some of you may have spotted London Hat Week founder Georgina Abbott sporting hers at the supplier fair last year!
Although sized, this cap block has the advantage that it will fit a bigger range of head sizes.
Smaller or larger heads mean that the hat will just sit a little higher or lower on the head. We are loving this range of caps made on this block by Atelier Millinery in London!
To see the block click on this link.
For the month of September you can enjoy 15% off the price, making this block £170.00 if you live in the UK or inside the European Union or £141.67 if you live elsewhere in the world.
To take us up on this fab offer,  send an email to and we can get yours on the workbench for you.