Project of the Day- Cardmaking: Accent Greeting Card Using The Keepsake Embossing Board

How to make an embossed floral accent greeting card using the Keepsake Embossing Board.

KEEPSAKE – Cardmaking Floral Accent Greeting Card

Keepsake embossing board celebration
Keepsake glitter ball tool
A5 pattern paper
Liquid glue
A5 card or A4 cardstock folded in half
Ribbon 7mm x1metre
Gold peel off sentiment

1. Emboss floral swirl on the top front of the A5 card

2. Leaving a little gap for sentiments, emboss another floral swirl beneath the embossed floral swirl in step 1

3. Glue the patterned paper to the front half of the card trim excess.


4. Glue the ribbon to the middle of the card and knot into a bow.

5. Place sentiment in the gap between embossed floral swirl.




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