Textile Designing: Anino’s ‘Artistic Voice’ as she explains her design for Spoonflower’s 500th design challenge themed ‘Your Artistic Voice’ while highlighting different sectors in the creative community

Here is my entry for the Spoonflower 500th Design challenge theme- “Your Artistic Voice”.

This design is titled Artistic Voice in the Creative Community”.

This is a multi-directional design celebrating and highlighting the different creative sectors or artistic voices in the creative community.

Having different artistic voices in the creative community, I decided to use just one image and interweave it in the different creative sectors in the community because I am active in different areas in the creative community and these are My “Artistic Voice”.

I had to design different effect to represent a sector of the creative community using just one floral design to highlight the possibilities and variations or versatility with one image in a craft of your choosing.

I am so excited about this theme because it enhances the celebration of other sectors in the creative community. I also typed the names of the different artistic sectors in the creative community- Textile designing, Fashion designing, Beading, Photography, Cardmaking, Quilting, Sewing, Machine-Knitting, Crocheting, Entertainment, Media, Games Design, Digital Cutting, Millinery, Hand-Knitting, Cooking, Sugarcrafting, Crocheting, Packaging, Art, Home Decorating, Digital Painting, Gardening, and many more.

Thank you to every sector in the creative community.

I celebrate you!


*This design is not yet available for sale on Spoonflower.

Fabric link on Spoonflower:https://www.spoonflower.com/en/fabric/10597234-artistic-voice-creative-community-by-anino