Extending appreciation to everyone who attended the Comic Week 2020, Wacom and Clip Studio Paint point a direction to YouTube for those who missed the sessions

Wacom and Clip Studio have provided the YouTube link to its Comic Week 2020 event.

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? Comic Week ? | Watch Again on YouTube ? | Win Clip Studio Paint PRO ✍️

Thank You for Attending Comic Week

It was such a blast to have you with us this week. We hope our live sessions inspired your creativity.   We gathered all the important information for you in this e-mail. Recordings of our sessions are already online on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to check out the exclusive special offers.

Missed a session? All Comic Week sessions are now available on the Wacom YouTube Channel

Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5JDtjDGWsw0aMk6j6Xx4UEqekWdwhCrx