Media bursts the bubbles of Keith Smith and his wife Karen Smith(Kanban) as it reveals the 19 people from Yorkshire banned by the British Government from running a company 

Keith Smith and his wife Karen Smith( Kanban) have been listed among the 19 people from Yorkshire that are banned from running a company.

From the screenshot

The 19 people banned from running a company in Yorkshire

They are forbidden from running a company

Keith and Karen Smith, Brighouse

Company Name: Aspire Crafts Limited

Type of Business: Manufacture of paper stationery

Disqualification Length: Both 3 years 6 months

The Smiths failed to ensure that Aspire Crafts Ltd met its financial commitments as regards VAT and PAYE (pay as you earn)/NIC (National Insurance contributions).

The firm went into administration in November 2018, and as a consequence, HMRC is owed at least £232,794 in unpaid taxes