New Month: Armed with purpose and without pausing our goals, We welcome you to October 2020

Happy New Month!Welcome to October in the year 2020.

It’s the tenth month of the year.

The Autumn\ Fall season is already here.

In bringing our “castle in the air into” reality, our theme for this month is “the purpose and the pause”. As usual, we will explain more in a detailed post.

We hope that you have been enjoying our blog posts and inspirational ideas.

We are not going to say much about what is upcoming on the blog or Crafters TV, we will let things unfold.

#CraftersTV: The first crafter’s interview will be on Crafter TV this month. There will also be games. Did you listen to the audio of season 1, episode 5  from the series Reminisce of A Crafter, The Last Minute Sewist #The BleedingFinger? It’s on Crafters TV YouTube. Here is the link:

Crafters TV recently announced that you can post your interview videos on your YouTube channel and just send them the link so that the views can come to you.

Crafters Empire: We are preparing the website for the digital greeting card which you can download and send to friends and relatives, far and near using your digital devices.

Craft Challenge: There is a three months craft challenge on a Facebook Group, Create and Craft Dissatisfied Customer United. The challenge is for you to dig into your craft stash or goodies and make use of what you have without buying anything for three months. The only spend allowed is for basic essentials. If you don’t want to join the Craft Facebook group but want to take part in the challenge, you can use the #ThreeMonthsCraftersChallenge, #CreativeCraftyChallenge for others to see your work on social media. (Before you ask, Yes! I am taking part in the challenge).

Hope you are preparing for the festive season? Have you started your projects?

Have a blessed and fulfilled month.

Once again, Happy New Month!