Craft Company: Putting a claim that allege/ unnamed trolls are already putting out false information, Dreamees takes to its Facebook page to ‘spill the beans (dish the tea) on its whereabouts and trials

Wondering what is happening to the Dreamees? Here is a detailed explanation as posted by Hayley on the Dreamees’ Facebook page.

From the screenshot

To all our lovely friends – I feel this needed to come direct from myself as I know a lot of ‘trolls’ are already putting out false information.

I wanted you to be the first to know that after 7 years of being on your screens with Create & Craft, we are moving on to pastures new at Hochanda (when our agreement runs out with C&C on the 18th of December).

I don’t know if there will be any more Dreamees shows on C&C between now and then but, for the time being, we have pulled the launch of the Dinky Inkies.

I’m sure you have all noticed changes in our shows over the last couple of years, and probably changes in us aswell – we got to a point where we had lost all inspiration and desire to continue Dreamees – a feeling that I never thought any of us would experience.

So, we have tried to forge a non-exclusive relationship with C&C but unfortunately, they are not able to accommodate the Dreamees brand if all our products and both myself and Carol aren’t exclusive.

We have been exclusive for 7 years and would like the chance to share Dreamees with crafters everywhere. Ultimately, this is not a decision that was made lightly – as you know, Dreamees grew massively whilst working with Create & Craft but as staff turned over, we didn’t always have the greatest experiences in the recent years.

We stuck it out, feeling obliged to as we did once have a strong team of people working with us, and hoped that would return, but as time went on, it came to a point where we had to take stock of what is actually important to us.

I hope you’re all able to understand that we have put our own mental well-being first and are getting back on track to feeling genuinely inspired again!

We will keep you updated as to when Dreamees will make their Hochanda debut – Here’s to a happier, less-stressful, truly enjoyable 2021!


  1. This was imo the epitome of deception from both Hochanda and more so Dreamees. On launch at Hochanda(Launch on Hochanda from The Timber Boutique which in reality was the Dreamees aka Hayley and Jimmy) it was noted not by so called Trolls the names Hayley and James which also happened to be the names of Hayley and Jimmy aka Dreamees, 2 and 2 put together and voila! Questions asked on Hochanda none replied so again with screenshots questions asked. Not a single web/online address vat reg for this new supplier, all roads lead back to Dreamees. Confused? well, many were which led to this statement being issued by Hayley. why on earth could the of not being honest and upfront, it would of stopped the confusion and obviously now mistrust for customers.

    • Tried to edit above to read Launch on Hochanda from The Timber Boutique which in reality was the Dreamees aka Hayley and Jimmy.

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