Stephanie Weightman sounds the ‘scam alert alarm’ as an imposter goes into camouflaging an impersonating mode with bank account hunting after Stephanie posted about the Kit ‘n’ Caboodle die-cutting machine competition

Here is a post by Stephanie Weightman warning crafters and customers about a scammer who is impersonating her on Facebook after she( Stephanie) posted the Kit’N’Caboodle die-cutting machine competitiion.

From the screenshot

Please guys if you receive a message from a page that looks like this and asks you to say READY for you to win the Kit N Caboodle machine then please block and report.

This page is a scam trying to get bank details. We have reported to Facebook and are trying to get it taken down.

Please share with others I am so upset there are people out there that would take advantage of others xx let’s keep our wits about us and shut this scammer down xx

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