New Month: New Month: Not overlooking the show of reality as we celebrate, We welcome you to December 2020

Happy New Month!

It’s the twelfth month of the year. This year is on a high pace in running. This is the last month before a new year “2021” begins.

Have you written your goals for the year 2021?

We hope you are enjoying our daily greeting on the blog. How about Crafters TV’s daily digital greeting card celebrating different or featuring different occasion ?

In bringing our “castle in the air” into reality, our theme for this month is “the celebrations and the show/reality”. As usual, we will explain more in a detailed post. (I will try and explain\update the themes that I have missed)

#CraftersTV has posted some free digital festive greeting cards that you can download and send to friends, family and anyone you wish to celebrate the festive holidays with. More will be added.

Games: Crafters TV will be posting some Wordsearch, maze or graphics puzzle games for you to enjoy during the remaining part of the year.

The video on Un-boxing the Tefal Kitchen Machine, the 4-rack over the door hanger and the Tower Deep Fat Fryer will soon be available on Anino TV YouTube. A link will also be put on Crafters TV because we will be using the machines/ appliances for the upcoming cooking series.

#ThreeMonthsCraftChallenge, Anino is still going through with it.

How well have you been preparing for the festive season? Have you started your projects?

We will try our best to keep you entertained this month on the blog and on Crafters TV.

Don’t forget our daily feature of Crafters Dictionary.

Have a blessed and fulfilled month.

Once again, Happy New Month!