New Month: Filled with a Grateful Heart, We Welcome You to January 2021

Happy New Month!

It is the first month of the new year-2021.

This month, our theme is “Grateful Heart”.

We will be showing gratitude for even the littlest thing around us.

Crafters TV

-We will be searching through craft products in our possession and bringing out what we have forgotten and re-using them. You can search through your craft products and see those forgotten buys.

-A monthly project will be placed to enable us used the items or products that we already have to make artworks.

The first Talk Show will be coming soon, we will hint on books and there is a craft project to be done.

-We are working on Crafters TV’s magazine and it will be free to view, The first issue will focus on colour palettes.

Games: We are working on a board game which will be free on the website. You will need a dice and some miniature figurines( coins) to play the game.

-Interview: Anino’s interview has been posted on AninoTV YouTube and a link on Crafters TV website.

We have an interview video coming up soon, it is from Akanbi A. Afeso and you may have seen the coming soon tag.

Regarding the Interview, if you like to take part and you do not want it to be in video then you can send us your written answers to the questions on Crafters TV. Please send it through Crafters TV’s Facebook Page or to Anino’s Facebook page. The questions are on Crafters TV’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page. Your answers will be published on the website, magazine and blog.

Reminisce of A Crafter- Audio and video

The Last-minute sewist- The missed party will soon be on Crafters TV YouTube.

Crafters / Craft Dictionary:

The regular post will still continue. We hope you are enjoying the frequent reminder of terminologies used in the Creative Community.

Video Books-

12 Crafts of Cardmaking- Season 3:- We are still working on it. We are stitching using sewing machine and hand.

12 crafts of machine knitting:- Part 2 of Season 1, Episode 1 has been completed. We just need to edit the video and upload, so it may take some time.

The Versatility of A Digital Image in Various Crafts: We will still continue with it and we will post the latest project soon. One of the new projects is a patchwork blanket motif- like pixel art.

There is a lot of Work In Progress(WIP), a lot to do and we will take them a little at a time so as not to be stressed out.

Free Printable

There is a free printable using the colours- Yellows and Gray. Download it and use it in a craft of your choosing. We may add more printable as time goes on.

We pray that this month is great and favourable to you.

We appreciate you!