New Month: Hearing the Sound of the Heart Beat, We Welcome You to March 2021

Happy New Month to you!

It is the third month of the year and we just want to say welcome to this month of March.

Spring blossoms will soon be out. Some spring bulbs have started blooming while some plants have started sprouting. Hopefully, we will get some pictures or videos to share with you.

Our theme of this month is “Sound of the Heart Beat”.

Mother’s day is on the 14th of March 2021 and we have been sharing some digital greeting cards by CraftersTV for you to download and send to your loved ones on social media or digitally.

Last month (February) we baked a cake (step-by-step video tutorial) and also sang a birthday song to celebrate February birthday celebrants (the video will soon be on Anino TV and also on Crafters TV on YouTube). This month, March, we will continue in the same celebration.

We are currently working on each and every of the projects stated in New Year and January new month or welcome posts.

We hope that this month is great for you.

We will try and keep you entertained.

Happy New Month, once again.