Magazine- Gaming: Answering questions about Genshin Impact and giving insight into more games, May 2021 PC Gamer magazine follows the ‘mouse cursor’ to newsstands

Issue 356, May 2021 issue of the PC Gamer magazine is on its way.

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The new issue of PC Gamer should be landing on your doorstep very soon, so we thought we’d give you an early peek at what you’ll find inside.

This month we’ve set out to answer some big questions. Questions like: how did Genshin Impact become one of the biggest success stories in the history of PC gaming? This Chinese free-to-play RPG might not even be on your radar, but it’s an enormous phenomenon that can’t be ignored, with more players than Counter-Strike and more momentum than Fortnite. Thanks to interviews with both the developers and a leading industry analyst, we’ve got the full fascinating story of its meteoric rise.

Will the new Mortal Kombat film be any good? To find out, we’ve chatted to the director Simon McQuoid about everything from R-rated fatalities, to staying faithful to the iconic series, to its controversial new character. What’s new in Total War: Rome Remastered? Our preview delves into all the additions coming to the reborn strategy classic. And is Aliens: Fireteam as good as ‘Left 4 Dead with the Xenomorph’ sounds? You better believe we’ve got thoughts…

Over in the hardware section, we’re asking perhaps the most pressing question of our age: will Gabe Newell one day be able to control our minds? We’ve investigated the realities of the brain-computer interface technology that he claims will change gaming forever – and we’re ready to tell you whether he’s full of hot air, or if you should get ready for Valve to start messing with your grey matter.

All that plus previews of martial arts epic Sifu and D&D action-RPG Dark Alliance; our guide to the must-have mechanical keyboards; the best mods and must-see tips for Valheim; and all the fantastic regulars, reviews, and features you’ve come to expect from the best games magazine around.

Enjoy your issue!

Robin Valentine
Editor, PC Gamer

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