Magazine- Gaming: Paying a tribute to Treasure, one of Japan’s most exciting developers and documenting more games Issue 219, Retro Gamer Magazine now out

Issue 219 of the Retro gamer Magazine is out.

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Retro Gamer Issue 219

This month we celebrate Treasure, one of Japan’s most exciting developers. We look at every game in the studio’s catalogue, from our cover star Gunstar Heroes to the mighty Ikaruga and there is also essential input from Treasure’s president, Masato Maegawa. We also discover the origins of Miner 2049er, learn how Civilization II was made and speak to Philip Oliver about Ghostbusters II.


A Tribute To Treasure

We revisit every single game in the Treasure library with exclusive input from Masato Maegawa, Treasure’s long-running president

The Making Of

This month we chat to the developers of Civilization II, discover how a small studio made Speed Freaks and learn how Philip Oliver ended up working on the Ghostbusters franchise. We also find out how Raven Software made its gory PC hit, Solider Of Fortune

The Evolution Of Miner 2049er

Bill Hogue talks us through his popular platforming series and we also look at its various remakes on the Game Boy and mobile devices

Ultimate Guide

Discover everything you need to know about Tecmo’s Silkworm, from its many conversions to the best ways to beat it

And much more including…

Target: Renegade, Ridge Racer Revolution, Horace, Battletoads In Battlemaniacs, Monolith, Seaquest, Atlantis, F1, Laurant Weill, Luigi’s Mansion

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