Raising accolades to her replacement as she receives a promotion, Kate from Knit Now Magazine hints a message of being the Head of Content at Practical Publishing

According to a message by Kate Heppell, she is now the Head of Content at Practical Publishing.

From the screenshot

All Change at Knit Now! So long and thanks for all the yarn…

Hi everyone,
I’ve got some exciting news and I wanted to make sure you folks are the first to know!
After nearly ten years as Editor of Knit Now, I’m moving to a new role here at Practical Publishing as Head of Content. It’ll be my job to make sure we’re bringing the best crafty inspiration to folks all over the world, whether that’s on a screen or on the page.
Don’t worry – Knit Now won’t be going anywhere. I’m leaving the magazine in the very capable hands of Jo Cummings, who has been part of our team for a couple of years now. Jo will be your main point of contact for all things Knit Now, so please give her a huge welcome. I’m still going to be involved behind the scenes and I’ll be contributing the occasional pattern and article to the magazine but it’s Jo’s baby now!
Jo’s email is joanna.cummings@practicalpublishing.co.uk
My first big project is CraftWorld.com, our online inspiration and community hub. When CraftWorld first launched last year it was all about papercraft, but with more and more people taking up new hobbies during lockdown, it was only a matter of time before we expanded to other crafts. That’s where I come in!
We’ve started to add knitting patterns to CraftWorld over the past month or so, with designers’ permission. I want to make sure we have enough good-quality patterns available so that knitters know they can come to us when they need inspiration, so if you’d be happy for any of your patterns to be featured on CraftWorld as free downloads, please just let me know.
I’m being mindful about these, though – I don’t want to add too many freebies because I think that can sometimes risk undermining the value of good patterns.  I’ve spent the last ten years working in the best job in the world as editor of Knit Now, and the reason I’ve loved it so much is that I’ve been able to work with you folks, and champion the talents of knitting designers all over the world. That’s something I want to bring to CraftWorld as well, so watch this space – there’ll be more developments coming!
If you want to find out more about CraftWorld, I’ve written an FAQ for knitters here:
So now all that’s left is for me to say an enormous thank you to all of you who’ve brightened my days over the past decade. Once we’re allowed to get out and about again, hopefully I’ll still see some of you at shows and events. I really miss you all but hopefully it won’t be too long now until we can get together over a slice of cake and a big pile of wool.
Until then – happy knitting!
Kate x


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