Design Challenge: Spoonflower ‘prints’ June 2021 design challenge themes with their coordinating deadlines and prizes

Spoonflower has announced June 2021 design challenge themes and their deadlines.

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Announcing June’s Design Challenge Themes

Weather Patterns | Entries due by May 25

Do you find yourself saving for a rainy day, chasing rainbows, or is your head just in the clouds? It doesn’t matter what the meteorologist says, because the weather for this challenge is completely up to you!

You can forecast for sun, clouds, wind and rain or even explore more extreme weather conditions like tornados, hurricanes or blizzards. Will there be lightning bolts in your skies? Perhaps an interesting cloud formation just barely allowing the sun to peek through? Or has the temperature dropped enough to see snow flurries? Come rain or shine, we can’t wait to get wind of your designs!

Entries will be previewed on a 21″ x 18″ fat quarter. Submissions close May 25 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Voting begins May 27. Winners will be announced June 3.

World Waterways | Entries due by June 3

We’re celebrating World Ocean Day with our friends at Red Paddle Co, the world’s leading inflatable stand-up paddle board brand. This week, we’re challenging you to create a design celebrating the variety of waterways passionate paddle boarders from all over the world have grown to love.

Find your inspiration from beautiful bodies of water like Lake Wanaka in New Zealand, Mexico’s Banderas Bay, or your favorite river in your neck of the woods. Their beauty captured in your creative designs will highlight the importance of preserving the oceans, coastlines, rivers, lakes, marine life and ecosystems so that future generations can enjoy and treasure our one blue planet.

The winning design, handpicked by Red Paddle Co, will receive a $500 cash prize and be featured on a Limited Edition Stand Up Paddleboard coming next year!

Before you dip your toes into these design challenge waters, be sure to learn more about Red Paddle Co on the blog.

Important notes about your World’s Waterways Design Challenge Entry: 

The winning design will be limited to no more than four colors during Red production so please limit your entry to no more than four colors. Due to the nature of Red manufacturing, your design challenge entry should also be non-directional.

The Red Paddle Co team will work directly with the winning designer to get their design ready for Red’s manufacturing process

Want to see how your design will look on one of Red Paddle Co’s Stand Up Paddleboards? Download these mockup files!

Entries will be previewed on a 21″ x 18″ fat quarter. Submissions close June 3 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Voting will last two weeks and begins June 3. Please note that voting for this challenge is 2 weeks long and the winners will be announced June 15. 

Vegetable and Herb Gardens | Entries due by June 15

How does your garden grow? Show off your green thumb (or your green thumb aspirations) with designs featuring your favorite vegetables and herbs to harvest!

You could be planting cold hardy crops like kale, beginning to gather victuals planted earlier in the spring like tomatoes, or pruning back your basil plant to make the perfect pesto. Whether you are able to take inspiration from your own small backyard bed or you use this opportunity to plan your dream farm, let’s see what’s sprouting up!

Entries will be previewed on a 21″ x 18″ fat quarter. Submissions close June 15 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Voting begins June 17. Winners will be announced June 24.

Weekly Prizes

Prizes are different for the World Waterways Design Challenge, learn more on the blog.

Grand Prize

One Grand Prize Winner each week will receive $200 in Spoondollars. The winner will also receive additional exposure in our email newsletters and social media mentions.

Second Place

The 2nd place winner will receive $100 in Spoondollars.

Third Place

The 3rd place winner will receive $50 in Spoondollars.

The rest of the top 10

4th through 10th place winners will receive a $20 Spoondollar credit.

All of the top 50

Each of the top 50 entries, determined as set forth above, not receiving one of the foregoing prizes will be automatically proofed for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace (approximately a $5 value) (the “Runner Up Prize”) if winners are verified sellers.

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